Managed Database Administration

You can't take chances with administration of the critical databases in your enterprise.  For many, recruiting and retaining technical personnel is difficult and expensive, and database management services are operationally complex.

That’s where ViaWest can lend a hand. Our expert teams of certified database administrators do this kind of work around the clock, so you can let go of day-to-day tasks like maintenance, optimization, and troubleshooting.

More than Database Management

Benefit from our experience managing and supporting databases for hundreds of clients:

  • Free your IT resources. Let them focus on growing your business while we manage and monitor your database platforms.
  • Leverage a well-tuned database, optimized for performance through regimented maintenance and upgrade procedures, as well as automated monitoring and reporting.
  • View system and database performance and growth metrics through a web-based portal.
  • Enjoy data security as we continually apply patches and security updates.
  • Receive technical support, 24x7, from our extensive, expert database administration team.

Choose Your Package

ViaWest offers database administration and support for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle. For any of these databases, you can choose the database service package that’s right for you. 

Core Offering

In our Core Offering, our monitoring package alerts our database administrators, our Network Operations Centers (NOC), and you simultaneously, so you’re able to respond in real-time. The package includes:

  • Initial database installation 
  • Ongoing patches and updates based on manufacturer recommendations
  • Database password setup with autostart on reboot
  • Metrics reporting services
  • Monitoring with 24x7 notification and ticket generation

Premier Offering

In our Premier Offering, you get everything in our Core Offering above, plus:

  • Initial database backup jobs
  • Query tuning
  • Quarterly:
    • Reviews of database backup jobs
    • Backup restoration
    • Metrics reporting
    • Database environment audits
  • Consultation for major annual database upgrades
  • Configuration of up to five unique database alerts
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Regular trial recoveries from backup
  • Database troubleshooting


Your data is AlwaysON with Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Our reliability and expertise enhance the high availability features built into SQL Server 2012, including cross-data-center failover of SQL Server instances and Recovery Advisor.

The AlwaysON features of SQL Server 2012 provide a recovery option to help eliminate risk associated with unplanned outages. Failover-clustering and support for multisite-clustering mean your applications stay online, even if you lose a site or a cluster. With these features, your business is AlwaysON.

Additional Supported Services

We also offer the following services outside of our packaged plans:

  • Database Replication
  • Standby Packages for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle
  • Database Mirroring for Microsoft SQL Server
  • Database Clustering for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle