The HIPAA and HITECH regulations present numerous challenging issues and questions around IT for companies handling electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). ViaWest’s compliant colocation bundle and HIPAA Compliant Cloud helps healthcare companies secure their ePHI with built in compliance measures, and updated breach policies and response plans.

Tackle HIPAA Requirements

with ViaWest

  • 24x7 physical security monitoring
  • 90-day video surveillance & retention
  • Cabinet/cage perimeter security
  • Badge and biometrics
  • Controlled secure facilities
  • Compliance base audit reports
  • Monthly cabinet/cage access and user reports
  • Security incident response notification

Data Storage Built Around

HIPAA Compliance

At ViaWest, we pride ourselves on our proactive approach to assisting customers with compliance. We have certified compliance experts in both our product and operations groups, so we can guarantee compliance is built into the colocation solutions we provide our customers. Our proactive approach assists you with your HIPAA compliance regulations so you can avoid costly penalties and your customers get the security and privacy they need from a provider they trust.