Identify and Address Potential Threats

Wouldn’t it be nice if you only needed to have a solid security posture at one point in time? In reality, protecting your organization from security breaches and threats requires constant vigilance and an evolving strategy.

Acquisitions, configuration changes, new software releases and vendor security patches constantly introduce new potential threats. Lax security can lead to lawsuits, steep financial penalties and higher operating costs.

At ViaWest, we’re intent on ensuring your infrastructure and data maintain the highest levels of protection available, on an ongoing basis. We’ll help you manage risk through security testing and assessments and regular audits to identify vulnerabilities.

We couple industry best practices with a consultative assessment approach in either a single or periodic engagement to determine your overall security posture. And we leverage our broad regulatory and standards expertise to integrate compliance validation and assessment.

Our penetration testing investigates and identifies vulnerabilities and exploits at all levels across the environment, including networks, systems, services and applications. We are proficient in helping organizations identify, document and improve current supervisory control and data acquisition systems in terms of security, performance and functionality – including that of critical North American electric grid infrastructure.

Your network’s ongoing stability, security and performance is critical to overall business continuity.

When assessing risk, we’ll work with your staff to document a summary of your systems along with identified threats, vulnerabilities and existing and planned controls. We’ll also compile an informative risk matrix outlining the extent of potential systems impacts and deliver comprehensive recommendations to mitigate or eliminate identified risks.

Protect Your Most Important Assets

  • Reduce risk exposure and future-proof IT investments
  • Ensure successful and productive ongoing business operations
  • Remain compliant with federal and industry-enforced standards and regulations
  • Improve disaster recovery outcomes
  • Strengthen stakeholder confidence in your brand and reputation
  • Devote resources to support business strategies instead of software purchases, managing software patches, training staff and resolving the latest security threats

Open, Objective and Trusted Process By Design

  • Objective review of systems and applications
  • Architecture, technical implementation, environmental layout and operational security procedure examination
  • Open, ethical testing processes based on industry-leading assessment, methodologies and best practices
  • Actionable recommendations, realistic timelines and projected resources