Minimize the Impact of Threats and Forensically Preserve Data

Cybersecurity attacks have become increasingly more sophisticated and persistent against organizations of varying sizes across all industries. According to the latest Ponemon Institute’s Cost of Data Breach study, the impact of cyberthreats in the United States is rising, with a single data breach now costing organizations on average more than $7 million.

You need a cybersecurity incident response team to immediately take action in the event of an attack to minimize the impact of the breach on your organization, preserve data in a forensic matter and quickly restore operations. While post-incident forensics allow you to determine what has been compromised, without proper testing by a trained and readily available response team, key steps may be overlooked, which could result in increased exposure during and following an incident. Hiring professionals can help ease this burden.

If you experience an incident, ViaWest's expert cybersecurity incident response and forensics team will act immediately to prioritize solving the issue. We’ll implement forensics practices to determine the incident root cause. We can help with chain-of-custody and preservation of evidence so you are best positioned to take the information to a court of law if a perpetrator is identified.

Because we understand every minute counts, we’ve eliminated the need to negotiate and execute a complex contract in advance of our engagement. A simplified statement of work will suffice to ensure a rapid response. We also are available on a retainer basis, which offers a cost-effective alternative to engagements that start mid-attack and brings the advantage of developing an incident response plan in advance of an attack. The following standards require organizations to have an incident response plan in place:

  • NIST 800-53/FISMA
  • ISO 27001:2013
  • ITIL

Mitigate Damage and Gain Expert Guidance During an Attack

  • Mitigate damage to the organization with an established incident response team by your side
  • Ensure the validity of the data collected with by-the-book forensics
  • Shape an effective plan to bolster defenses against subsequent attacks

Peace of Mind in the Midst of a Crisis

  • Immediate, 24x7 assistance in investigating and responding to suspected breaches
  • Forensically-sound data capture and analysis
  • Best-practice chain-of-custody
  • Damage remediation
  • Guidance with communicating with users/customers and the press during and following an attack
  • Post-incident review