Assess Your Cloud Readiness

and Gain a Solid Cloud Migration Strategy

Planning a move to the cloud can be stressful as you wrestle with complex questions to determine which applications and workloads are suitable for which cloud environment – public, private, hybrid, managed or unmanaged. A solid cloud migration strategy can simplify the process and address considerations such as tools, governance, performance, application design, security and interoperability with legacy IT infrastructure.

While navigating your cloud journey requires intricate planning and delicate deliberation, you don’t need to go it alone. ViaWest will work with you to provide the services, solutions, storage options and consulting resources to bypass unforeseen bumps in the road. We provide the expertise you need to smoothly, successfully and efficiently migrate to the cloud.

Our professional services team has been helping organizations move to the cloud for over a decade. Partnering with ViaWest allows you to address cloud implementation concerns in a best-practice manner – before, during and after migration – while meeting budgetary and business requirements.

From cloud readiness assessment to recommending cloud providers and building your cloud architecture to implementing and testing your new environment, we can help you create and maintain a cloud structure that supports your unique needs. We recognize that your IT transformation journey doesn’t end when your cloud solution is implemented. We will continue to provide the support you need, including ongoing recommendations for future-proofing your environment, long after the implementation process ends.

You Can Count on:

  • Best-practice guidance that also meets budgetary and business requirements
  • Optimized cloud architecture design support
  • Proactive vulnerability assessments to ensure a smooth and secure transition

Assistance With:

  • Network systems, application and technology selection
  • System, network and application planning
  • Data planning and training
  • Cloud management strategy