Get Superior Network Performance

Backed by 100% Reliability

We all know that application performance is directly impacted by network performance. When you move a workload into a colocation space or into a cloud environment the network can be the difference between success or failure.

The ViaWest IP Bandwidth service is a fully managed Internet connectivity solution that is specifically designed to provide your applications with highly reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity. Our IP Bandwidth service is built on our own fiber-based backbone network that is fed by dedicated Internet connections to industry-leading tier 1 Internet backbone providers.

Our network engineers proactively manage and monitor your connectivity and our robust and redundant network utilizes multiple routes, integrated DDoS protection and has the bandwidth capacity to handle the demands of your applications.

When you partner with ViaWest for IP Bandwidth you’ll receive:

  • Fixed and burstable bandwidth options
  • 10Mbps to 10Gbps speeds
  • IP experts and real-time monitoring 24x7x365
  • Built-in DDoS protection
  • Comprehensive testing and problem isolation

Features and Benefits of our IP Bandwidth Solutions

  • Bandwidth utilization reporting available via The Client Portal
  • Native IPv6-enabled core and edge networks
  • Providing the optimal routing path, real-time, using our border router technology
  • Availability of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) options

Advanced Protection

A Growing DDoS Threat

Dedicated Denial of Service (DDoS) activity continues to grow in frequency and danger. All organizations need to have solutions to mitigate attacks that could cripple a network. ViaWest’s DDoS Protection Service makes it easy and cost effective to deploy a DDoS mitigation strategy. We understand the impacts a DDoS attack has on your business and our goal is to maximize availability and performance of your network.

Our embedded DDoS protection service provides:
  • Heuristic based DDoS protection, enabling complete defense against all known and “zero day” threats
  • Layer 3 and layer 4 DDoS protection