Connectivity Between Data Centers, Cloud Providers and Carriers

Fast Track Your Digital Business Strategies

Shifting to an always-on, digital business model is becoming the new normal as organizations mobilize resources to enhance productivity, fulfill customer expectations and surpass the competition. While big data, mobility, cloud and the Internet of Things can accelerate growth and optimization strategies, they frequently introduce unplanned network bottlenecks.

ViaWest provides national and global carrier-neutral, low-latency connectivity between ViaWest data centers, hyperscale cloud providers and carriers to help you skirt network impasses, fast track your digital transformation initiatives and improve business continuity strategies.

Carrier Interconnection

Access a broader range of voice, data, cloud and internet services from leading carriers and ViaWest’s hybrid IT services. Our 100 Gbps network backbone links clients across our 41 data centers, enabling significant network federation capabilities without sacrificing connectivity, latency or application performance. Connect to key carrier hotels and peering exchanges in major markets, extending to London and Amsterdam.

Data Center Interconnection

With an MPLS foundation for fast recovery and low latency, ViaWest data center connections are fully redundant and built on our protected 100 Gbps network backbone. Traffic is automatically rerouted in the event of a carrier outage. The flexibility to spread out your infrastructure into geographically diverse locations strengthens your disaster recovery abilities. Select the capacity you need – from 10 Mbps up to 10 Gbps – knowing the network is readily scalable to 400 Gbps to adapt to evolving needs.

Cloud Connect

Our high-capacity interconnections extend to hyperscale cloud services including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud in multiple regions across the U.S. Private, dedicated network connections enable higher availability, increased reliability, lower latency and increased security protection.

Metro Connectivity

ViaWest provides metro cross connects between metro facilities and carrier hotels in select markets.

Interconnection Features

Connect Farther, Faster

  • Diverse and significant network federation with hundreds of carriers and peering infrastructures
  • 100 Gbps network backbone, built with the most demanding user requirements in mind
  • Greater predictive scaling and lower latency
  • Built-in, not bolted-on, best-in-class network security
  • Secure, private connections to leading hyperscale cloud providers

Benefits of Interconnection

High-Capacity Connectivity, Premium Performance

  • Gain access to hundreds of carriers, hyperscale cloud providers and ViaWest hybrid IT solutions
  • Accelerate digital transformation initiatives with improved application performance
  • Accommodate peak traffic and workload demands
  • Avoid single points of failure with automatic rerouting through redundant paths
  • Bolster your business continuity and disaster recovery stance