Interconnection, Peering and IP Bandwidth

What is network connectivity?

"Interconnection services connect local area networks to wide area networks across a dispersed geography. Through cross connects and meet me rooms, interconnection services connect data centers across a network backbone to access a range of voice, data and Internet Protocol services available from network carriers."

Propel Growth and IT Transformation Strategies

Your network is the engine that allows your applications and environments to run effectively in an increasingly hyper-connected business world. As the digital universe continues to double in size nearly every two years, without adequate bandwidth that scales in lockstep with your evolving needs, your network may become a punishing liability to your digital business strategy, not its enabler.

ViaWest offers a broad range of high-capacity, low-latency network solutions to help you achieve your growth and optimization objectives and bolster your business continuity and disaster recovery stance. We’ll assess your organization’s network requirements, partnering with you to design a solution that ensures maximum uptime and availability. Our 100 gigabit core network backbone is built to accommodate large traffic spikes without sacrificing connectivity, latency or application performance.

We view the network as foundational to bringing your strategies to fruition today and delivering on your organization’s needs down the line.

Powerful, Future-Proof Connections

  • Gain access to hundreds of carriers, hyperscale cloud providers and ViaWest hybrid IT solutions
  • Avoid single points of failure with automatic rerouting through redundant paths
  • Improve application performance
  • Scale with ease to meet peak traffic demands
  • Grow your business confidently, supported by highly certified network professionals

Connecting You to More

  • 100 Gbps network backbone, built with the most demanding user needs in mind
  • Greater predictive scaling and lower latency
  • Built-in, not bolted-on, best-in-class network security
  • Diverse and significant network federation capabilities
  • Expert resources and time-tested solutions for managing complex networks