Where does your business fall in the IT Transformation Continuum? This recording of the ViaWest webinar that was held April 13, 2017 explores key industry trends driving IT transformation and challenges that prevent businesses from leveraging change. Case studies chronicling successful IT transformation stories are presented.
Bringing clients closer to their customers, ViaWest launched a new cloud node in the Colorado region, enabling Rocky Mountain users to access applications more efficiently.
"Ned Knows" is a video series covering a broad range of topics related to transforming IT infrastructure hosted by Ned McClain, SVP of Emerging Technologies for ViaWest. Ned is a "full-stack" engineer with a passion for DevOps, opensource, deployment strategies, mobile development, and Linux. In Episode 1, Ned talks with Kirsten Benefiel, VP of Client Engagement at ViaWest, about the IT transformation continuum.
Published by TechTarget - Don't tell Annalea Ilg, recently promoted to the role of CISO at cloud and IT managed service provider ViaWest, that she can't do something. The one-time interior design major ended up with a job in the cabling industry, moved into IT and never looked back.
Published by Channel Partners - Data breaches have become commonplace, leading to an increased demand for security services. Gartner says spending on information security will reach $90 billion in 2017, an increase of 7.6 percent over 2016, and top $113 billion by 2020.
Published by Las Vegas Review-Journal - The ViaWest Lone Mountain Data Center at 3330 E. Lone Mountain Road, near Interstate 15 in North Las Vegas, just added 32,000 square feet to its facility.
ViaWest announced it has completed construction on the expansion of its Lone Mountain Data Center in North Las Vegas, adding 32,000 square feet of raised floor.
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HIMSS: What used to be a small, intimate gathering of forward thinking healthcare technology enthusiasts has evolved into a huge trade show and technical expo for every technology vendor and service provider.
Healthcare organizations know they’re responsible for high-value patient data but with pressures of the industry they often struggle with creating all-encompassing, secure environments. Download the infographic to learn more.
Published by Health IT Outcomes - Regulations such as HIPAA are in place to protect sensitive protected health information, but the threat landscape is ever changing. With healthcare organizations the target of 88 percent of all ransomware attacks, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued new HIPAA guidance on ransomware attacks in July last year