Sada Rai, Co-Founder and Vice President of Client Services & Information Systems

“ZeOmega provides a powerful population health management platform to healthcare payers, providers, and value-based care organizations nationwide. Our data center operations are critical to helping our customers integrate workflow, analytics, content, and communication capabilities. ViaWest helps us to accomplish that reliably and efficiently.”

“ViaWest has become much more of a partner than a vendor, and that’s important to us. They’ve taken the time to understand what we are trying to accomplish and have built custom solutions to help us achieve it. I would refer any of my customers to ViaWest for their data center needs. I trust ViaWest, and I am confident they would take care of my clients the same way they have taken care of us.”

Scott Vystrcil, Director of Information Systems

“Because our data centers are so important to our operations, we have a rigorous process to identify, vet, and select providers. It starts with evaluating data center providers against our lengthy checklist of needs, and no one scored better than ViaWest on the technology and infrastructure needs – access, power, security and cooling, among others.”

“ViaWest really differentiated itself with its customer-centric approach. While we don’t interact with their customer-support team often, when we do they are incredibly responsive. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast they helped us deal with a few problems we had that weren’t even their issues.”

About ZeOmega

ZeOmega’s powerful population health management platform delivers high-value, strategic solutions enabling payers and care-delivery organizations to improve individual health and provider performance. With deep domain expertise and a comprehensive understanding of complex population health challenges, ZeOmega serves as a “true-north” partner for clients—offering flexible deployment and delivery models that leverage an innovative platform designed to integrate workflow, analytics, content and communication capabilities. By consistently meeting customer expectations and project benchmarks, ZeOmega has earned a sterling reputation in the industry for responsiveness and reliability. For more information, visit