Carter Lee, Senior Vice President of Technology

“As a leading online retailer,’s IT infrastructure is critical to our ability to generate revenue. We don’t have brick-and-mortar stores, so 100 percent of our revenue comes from our online operations. Uptime is absolutely essential, and we have partnered with ViaWest to help ensure that we meet our extraordinarily high goals.”

“When we evaluate data center providers, we look at a number of factors such as quality of facilities, financial viability and geographical footprint. Several people on our staff have been involved in building data centers, so we have experts helping us in our evaluations. ViaWest met all of our needs best, and I was impressed by their commitment to continually upgrading their facilities to ensure they are state-of-the-art. They are always looking at what is next, whether it is cloud-based services or innovative infrastructure improvements.”

“Having worked closely with ViaWest for a number of years, I appreciate that we have built up a great amount of trust. The communication is very open and honest, – we are never surprised by anything. But perhaps most impressive is the lengths to which they go to find creative solutions to our needs. ViaWest really is a partner, much more than just a vendor.”

“I absolutely would recommend ViaWest to any colleagues, friends or business partners who have data center needs.”

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