Ned Knows Episode 10 - How DevOps Impacts Security from ViaWest on Vimeo.

In Episode 10 of "Ned Knows," ViaWest Principal Architect John Greer and Ned discuss how DevOps impacts security.

In order to ‘do DevOps’ you need to connect it to your business in a meaningful way to ensure long-term success. Strategic planning and architecture are critical building blocks of any well-performing IT environment, but the way in which an organization’s environment operates and how its resources perform on an ongoing basis are the true measures of success

"Ned Knows" is a video series covering a broad range of topics related to transforming IT infrastructure hosted by Ned McClain, SVP of Emerging Technologies for ViaWest. Ned is a "full-stack" engineer with a passion for DevOps, opensource, deployment strategies, mobile development, and Linux.