A mission of high availability led a major healthcare provider in the United States to move forward with a colocation engagement with ViaWest that diversified its IT operations. Operating in the healthcare industry, the organization’s IT system supports bedside applications that are crucial to patient care and the delivery of care continuum.

The organization’s director of data center operations developed a strategic direction to collapse three on premise data centers locally supporting its Western U.S. operations and consolidate them into a centralized location that his team would manage. These local operations needed a dedicated resource for day-to-day physical management over the data center. Additionally, in order to avoid outages and downtime in its large enterprise data centers, the organization began to rethink its consolidation strategy and instead pursue a diversification approach to distribute and minimize fault domains.

Download the case study to read what the organization’s director of data center operations had to say about how ViaWest helped the healthcare provider diversify its IT operations and enhance oversight of infrastructure, while also providing flexibility to grow as needed over several years.