As a company managing wellness programs, WellTrackONE deals with large quantities of protected health information (PHI) every day. While it wanted to take advantage of the cost savings and efficiency of managed cloud hosting, WellTrackONE had stringent requirements in order to maintain HIPAA compliance. It preferred not to share virtual servers and was looking for a partner who could provide a hybrid environment, heavy SQL server support, encryption help, solid offsite disaster recovery and guaranteed HIPAA compliance. Signing a business associate agreement (BAA) was critical.

After evaluating more than 20 providers, WellTrackONE found that ViaWest was one of the few that could accommodate and manage cloud servers with storage at a reasonable price point and would sign an accompanying BAA ensuring HIPAA compliance. ViaWest also went above and beyond to help WellTrackONE secure investor buy-in for its cloud hosting solution – its Account Executive, security team and Solution Engineers met directly with key WellTrackONE investors, compliance consultants and stakeholders to explain ViaWest’s solution and demonstrate how it would meet or exceed all of WellTrackONE’s HIPAA compliance needs.

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