In 2008, the three founders of Unbound Commerce came together with the goal of playing an integral role in the rapidly developing world of mobile commerce. Unbound Commerce wanted to create cost-effective ways for retailers to boost sales by mobile-optimizing their businesses. Seven years later, the company has launched hundreds of retailers and B2B companies and expects that number to keep growing. To continue growing, Unbound Commerce needed the flexibility and scalability of the cloud paired with security and PCI Compliance offerings because of the stringent compliance demands and the lingering data breach threats of the retail industry.

Unbound Commerce was born in the cloud as a mobile commerce Software-as-a-Service company. In its first few weeks of existence, the company only utilized a few small servers with ViaWest to manage their offerings. However, Unbound Commerce very quickly realized that in order to plan for their growth and become a force in the mobile retail world, it needed to collaborate even more with ViaWest to navigate the complexities of scaling up.

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