The TourneyCentral website usually sees an increase of traffic on the weekends, as players and parents check to find game details, scores and notifications on who is advancing through each round. Critical for business success, TourneyCentral needed a server environment that would be able to handle this rush of traffic. However, its initial hosting providers were not proactively monitoring the servers to identify any potential tech issues, particularly during the weekends when tournaments were taking place. The organization also needed a partner that could support all of its technologies, including Perl, PHP, JavaScript and WordPress on the frontend and its MySQL database on the backend, as well as its HTML5 Web apps.

“We found that these smaller providers were flaking out on us. We needed a partner that would anticipate and identify potential technology issues, regularly monitor the traffic coming through, and notify me immediately with any concerns, but that wasn’t happening. I need to be able to sleep at night, with the confidence to know that my servers won’t go down overnight and I won’t be out of business come morning, so I knew it was time to find a quality vendor to partner with that would take a proactive, 24/7 approach.” - Gerard McLean, President and CEO

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