Secure access to its information and the overall reliability of its IT infrastructure are paramount to Stoel Rives’ legal teams. The law firm wanted a data center partner that could customize an IT infrastructure solution, while working closely with the internal IT team that serves 400 attorneys across Washington, Oregon, California, and Utah. Stoel Rives was also looking for a partner that was an environmentally mindful organization with high efficiency standards.

ViaWest can offer a wide array of services to complement any IT requirement that may arise. It was important for Stoel Rives, to have a solution that was long-term and flexible enough to accommodate for growth and expansion of their business. To help mitigate the uncertainty of growth, ViaWest created a colocation solution for Stoel Rives, including space and power for the company’s network equipment. With its core infrastructure, including servers, routers and switches housed in ViaWest’s Hillsboro, Oregon data center, Stoel Rives then began utilizing ViaWest’s IP bandwidth and remote hands option to assist with backing up data storage tapes.

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