Disaster Recovery Planning and Consulting

Ensuring with Strategy

Having a customized disaster recovery and business continuity strategy designed exclusively for your business requirements can significantly increase your chances of successful recovery from a natural or man‐made disaster. Unfortunately, many businesses are not prepared, exposing their organizations to business‐crippling risks, including the costs of downtime, data loss, brand damage and client distrust.

Leveraging the ViaWest disaster recovery expertise and focused resources of AppliedTrust Consulting, a ViaWest company, you can establish a disaster recovery plan that aligns with your business and compliance needs. The AppliedTrust team will guide you through the process of testing and modifying your plan as your business changes to ensure the disaster recovery plan works exactly as planned in the event of a disaster.

AppliedTrust offers Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning and Consulting by:

  • Designing disaster recovery plans
  • Advising solution options
  • Migrating services
  • Assisting with testing and coordination efforts
  • Assisting with quarterly DR testing and coordination efforts