Database Disaster Recovery Solutions

When disasters threaten a production environment, whether man-made or natural, the infrastructure and applications require an effective disaster recovery strategy. ViaWest offers disaster recovery solutions and services for database assets, to include consultative design, monitoring and runbook documentation for failing over and back.

ViaWest provides a deep bench of certified DBAs and solution architects for SQL server and open source databases. Our suite of Database Disaster Recovery Solutions includes:

Disaster Recovery for SQL Server

  • Always-On Availability Group (AOAG)

    Available on select enterprise editions of SQL server, Always-On Availability Group (AOAG) replicates multiple databases to a remote server that can fail over as a single unit. In addition, you can use AOAG to perform partial disaster recovery tests to verify that data is getting where it is needs to go.

  • Log Shipping

    Include every database object in your database configuration through log shipping. Log shipping mirrors your database by copying transactional log modifications of any object to a remote database and restoring these on a scheduled basis.

  • Database Mirror

    Continually replicate transaction logs to your remote server without clustering the individual members together through the simple configuration of Database Mirroring.

    Disaster Recovery Open Source Database

  • MySQL

    Continuously send binary logs to your secondary offsite node.

  • PostgreSQL

    Send binary logs to your secondary offsite node based on size or scheduled time.