Disaster Recovery Services

What is disaster recovery?

"Disaster Recovery, or IT contingency planning, refers to a coordinated strategy involving plans, procedures, and technical measures that enable the recovery of IT systems, operations, and data after a disruption. Contingency planning generally includes one or more of the approaches to restore disrupted IT services: Restoring IT operations at an alternate location, Recovering IT operations using alternate equipment, Performing some or all of the affected business processes using non-IT (manual) means (typically acceptable for only short-term disruptions).(NIST)”

Preparing Your Organization for Successful Recovery

Disasters are unpredictable and sometimes unavoidable, affecting data security, recovery and even the ability to continue business operations. ViaWest helps organizations to prepare their business with a deep bench of disaster recovery experts and optimized solutions. Our Disaster Recovery services include design, management and support for successful recovery efforts based on the client’s specific and unique infrastructure, application set and business requirements.