Peak 10 + ViaWest

Peak 10 + ViaWest is a powerful combination that helps organizations optimize their journey of IT transformation while simultaneously balancing cost, scalability and security. Our 4,200+ customers trust us to deliver hybrid IT infrastructure solutions spanning colocation, interconnection, cloud and managed solutions. This diverse and comprehensive portfolio of solutions enhances customer performance,manages risk and increases competitiveness as their industries evolve.

Geographic Reach and Capabilities

As a Peak 10 + ViaWest Customer

You Can Expect

  • Deeply ingrained “Customer-First” culture
  • True national platform with international presence
  • Comprehensive and robust suite of outsourced IT solutions
  • Scale to provide an industry leading service delivery platform
  • Enhanced cloud and connectivity solutions 
Peak 10 + ViaWest Corporate overview.
Customer success lies at the core of everything we do.  Our industry-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) reflects a strong partnership with our customers and a commitment to helping them meet their IT challenges today and into the future.
ViaWest Clients include Moffit Cancer Center, Payspan, RedHat, and ReedGroup
For most companies, adherence to any number of regulations and industry standards is a requirement for doing business in a global market. We have a dedicated IT compliance team on staff. Plus, you can leverage our audited-ready facilities and compliant cloud infrastructure to ensure the security and availability of your applications and data — and help meet your company’s IT compliance requirements.
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