ViaWest Backup and Recovery

Secure and Protected at the Storage Source

In today’s data-driven business environment, protecting information is crucial for every organization. ViaWest’s Backup and Recovery Bundles can ensure that vital backups, offsite backup storage and backup encryption are successful in maintaining and restoring data to support an organization’s growing compliance and retention requirements.

Client Benefits of Backup and Recovery

  • Simplicity: backup, offsite backup and encryption capabilities are available in one simple to purchase package, meeting compliance and retention requirements
  • Peace of mind: an organization’s entire system, including the database and application, is backed-up and ready to be restored if there is a failure or loss
  • Confidence: if/when assets become corrupt, damaged or lost, the data is securely encrypted and protected at the storage source

Options for Backups

Each Backup Bundle provides for several options:

  • Backups
  • OS backup
  • 1TB of storage
  • Hourly Database Backup for DBs running on the machine
Database Backup
  • Includes 1 TB of storage
  • Database (DB) and Operating System (OS) backups

  • Backups may be encrypted as an additional service
  • OS encryption
  • SQL Server encryption
Off Site
  • Each off site storage provides 1TB per backup (OS or DB)
Off Site Encryption
  • Additional levels of encryption provided on request (OS or DB)
Restore 24Plus
  • For clients with file server greater than 1TB