ViaWest Private Cloud

It’s your Data, your Applications and your Cloud

ViaWest Hybrid IT Solutions enable the industry’s most advanced cloud infrastructure with multiple options to meet the most demanding requirements. Our Private Cloud services provide a secure, hosted environment ideal for elastic computing performance and agility. ViaWest Private Cloud hosting leverages a high-end combination of technologies from Cisco and VMware with a deep bench of certified cloud experts who can design and implement a successful cloud strategy, customized for your organization.

ViaWest’s client-centric approach and team of cloud experts work as an extension of your organization to fully understand the specific business goals, technical needs, compliance requirements, and security requisites that your cloud environment requires.

Through virtualization, the ViaWest Private Cloud can reduce IT costs and enhance the availability of services delivered to business users and customers, while reducing the time it takes to create and deploy new products and services.

Benefits of Private Cloud include:

  • Hosting websites and business applications on a secure dedicated cloud server
  • Reducing the time and cost associated with IT infrastructure management and hardware maintenance
  • Leveraging the performance, agility and efficiency with a customized cloud environment accessible only to the organization

    Private Cloud Features include:
    • Completely dedicated architecture from top to bottom
    • Fully configurable virtual machines with access to statistics and monitoring information
    • Highly redundant infrastructure
    Supported Operating Systems
    • CentOS ®
    • Red Hat®
    • Windows® Server
    • Ubuntu
    • Postgres
    • Mongo
    Supported Databases
    • Microsoft SQL
    • mySQL
    • Oracle
    • Platform based on VMware vSphere, Cisco UCS and NetApp Storage

    Leverage the benefits of virtualization in a highly secure, hosted Private Cloud environment designed to increase control and eliminate security concerns while meeting regulatory and compliance needs.