ViaWest Dedicated Servers

Best-in-Class Technology and Certified Expertise

Dedicated Servers from ViaWest provide a high-end combination of best-in-class technology and certified experts to help implement successful application architecture for your business. Our Dedicated Servers are a perfect fit for high-performance and I/0 intensive workloads, designed to reduce the time it takes your business to create and deploy new products and services.

ViaWest offers Dedicated hosting services to clients who are looking to obtain leased servers not shared by other clients. Servers can be used alongside private or public cloud instances with high compute workloads. These servers are a top choice for businesses of all sizes looking for a simple web hosting solution.

Dedicated Servers can be managed or unmanaged, dependent on requirements.

Features of ViaWest Managed Dedicated Servers

  • Installation and management of OS
  • Installation of Docker, if required by the client
  • Monitoring of hardware, operating system and database
  • Features of Client Managed Dedicated Servers

  • Uptime of server (100% SLA)
  • Monitoring of hardware health