ViaMetrics Performance Reporting

Welcome to the information superhighway.

To effectively manage and maintain your IT infrastructure and databases, you need information. Details about system performance, bandwidth utilization, memory allocation and disk activity empower your organization to make educated business decisions.

Real time data.

ViaMetrics provides access to near real time data through the ViaMetrics website portal. This tool provides easy access to important data, allowing you to see in an instant how your systems are performing today and giving you access to historical data that will help you plan for tomorrow.

Minimal impact.

ViaMetrics typically consumes less than 1% of server resources. Installed as a small agent on the server, or device being monitored, ViaMetrics runs as a background process that regularly gathers performance data and stores it externally so it doesn’t impact your local disk space.

User friendly.

Whether or not you’re an IT professional, ViaMetrics delivers data in an intuitive, easy-to-read dashboard that allows you quickly analyze your system’s performance. Data can also be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Ease of access.

With ViaMetrics, you have complete insight to the state of your servers, network, and databases from any computer with an Internet connection.