Cloud Computing

ViaWest KINECTed Cloud

ViaWest has partnered with the industry’s leading technology providers, Cisco and VMware, to design a Cloud platform that maximizes performance and availability, while optimizing security and costs. With our vCloud Powered cloud platform, customers are able to achieve economies of scale, reduce infrastructure costs, streamline operational processes, and increase elasticity for on-demand resource consumption, all with ViaWest's leading managed services and expert support.  This allows users to focus on their applications and business services, freeing up time for what matters most.

KINECTed Cloud offers the versatility to deploy resources in a variety of hybrid configurations, including:

KINECTed Cloud - Public Cloud

A feature rich, multi-tenant on-demand cloud environment that can be customized to meet IT needs. It is ideal for businesses experiencing rapid growth, heavy dynamic traffic, or running complex network applications in production.  

KINECTed Public cloud provides a “Virtual Private Data Center” resource pool – meaning specific Virtual Private Servers (VPS) can be configured and customized, and grow and shrink on demand. The Virtual Private Data Center supports multiple network segments and options, with perimeter security and load balancing – beyond just a virtual machine or machine image. 

Businesses may also choose from a variety of support options, including completely managed services such as managed databases and fully managed operating system administration.

KINECTed Cloud - Private Cloud

A scalable, single tenant cloud environment built with secure VMware virtualization dedicated exclusively to your organization to run complex workloads. This is ideal for environments that have large compute, storage, security, and compliance needs, and have less variability in workloads. 

Businesses can define and customize memory, compute needs, network, security, and storage capabilities.

KINECTed Cloud - Dedicated Servers

A dedicated single tenant environment with customized server hardware, network, and storage to help meet your database performance, security, and compliance needs.  Businesses can choose from ViaWest's leading managed database platform with cluster support for database high availability.  KINECTed Dedicated Servers can be used in conjunction with KINECTed Public or Private Cloud.

KINECTed Cloud - Hybrid Enabled Options

Many businesses today require a combination of colocation, cloud, and dedicated infrastructure options to meet their needs. ViaWest enables hybrid cloud capabilities by

  • Connecting a businesses’ colocation environment or dedicated environment directly to private and public cloud resources.
  • Connecting data center to data center using our KINECTed Transport to enable multi-site applications or disaster recovery.

ViaWest KINECTed Storage

ViaWest has partnered with industry leaders EMC and NetApp to provide a best in class storage platform, supporting cloud, dedicated, and "storage as a service" opportunities.  These platforms can scale capacity and performance (from Flash SSD to High Capacity Disks) on demand and have designed in high availability and managed support services. 

KINECTed Storage - SAN (Storage Area Network)

A multi-tenant highly available SAN storage and fabric using leading edge fiber channel connectivity, disks, and caching for high performance compute needs, clustering, and database services.  A variety of tiering options are available to ensure the right combination of price and performance. 

KINECTEed Storage - NAS (Network Attached Storage)

A multi-tenant highly available network attached storage and fabric using 1 GB and 10 GB connectivity options, and caching to provide a variety of performance options for cloud, file sharing, and general storage needs. 

KINECTed Storage - Dedicated Storage

ViaWest works with EMC and NetApp to provide single-tenant storage options for larger scale environments or where specific use cases may call for dedicated storage. 

Replication, backup and recovery options

ViaWest KINECTed Backup and replication options provide a variety of capabilities to support disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) use cases.