and Benefits
  • Performance monitoring
  • Custom monitoring
  • Real-time web portal monitoring
ViaWest gives you access to near real-time data through our ViaMetrics web portal, so you can effectively manage your IT infrastructure and databases. Get detailed analyses of performance, bandwidth utilization, memory allocation and disk activity to help you plan your infrastructure with tomorrow in mind. ViaWest Performance Reporting & Monitoring has minimal impact on your local disk space while providing a user-friendly dashboard for quick analysis and insight to the state of your servers, network and databases.

Custom Monitoring

Gain insight into the performance of your infrastructure and bypass expensive software licensing, maintenance and upgrade fees with Custom Monitoring. Choose from one of six network application monitoring packages all of which include ticket generation and event notification:

Core NetConnect Includes an up/down monitor of an IP address, port, or service.

Premier NetConnect Includes up to 10 up/down monitors and/or URL response points.

Core Package Includes up to 10 standard monitors, which can be either port level, OS or application related.

Application Premier Allows for up to 10 standard application probes— the perfect solution for resource intensive server-side applications.

Core Response Time Allows for up to 10 standard response time probes, which monitor how long it will take for a server to respond to a request.

Premier Response Time Test up to five web-based, customer-defined synthetic transactions tests— perfect for testing response time for user experience applications such as eCommerce.

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