and Benefits
  • Size your environment to exactly what you need (eliminate over provisioning)
  • Instantly scale computing resources at will
  • Best-of-breed technologies from Cisco and VMware
  • Remarkably low latency and ultra-high availability
  • Pay-as-you-go or reserved pricing options available
  • Configuration and ongoing support from certified cloud experts
Virtual Private Cloud
KINECTed Virtual Private Cloud is ideal for intensive or highly variable environments. The KINECTed Virtual Private Cloud is a feature-rich, multi-tenant environment that can be customized to meet your unique demands. With elastic computing resources and a high-performance network, Virtual Private Cloud is ideal for small, medium and large businesses experiencing rapid growth, heavy or variable traffic loads or running complex network applications. For businesses who desire greater control over their infrastructure or are more comfortable with a completely dedicated architecture, KINECTed Dedicated Private Cloud may be for you.
Not All Clouds
Are Created Equal
Selecting the right mix of resources and the right partner has a lot to do with the success of your cloud strategy. ViaWest has designed the KINECTed Virtual Private Cloud platform to maximize performance.

Control – With KINECTed Virtual Private Cloud you’re not stuck in a restrictive, canned environment. Program using your preferred languages, .Net, JAVA, Python, Ruby, or whatever fits your needs.

Agility – Elastic resources allow you to get the computing power you need when you need it and to pay only for what you use.

Connectivity – You enjoy high-speed connectivity from multiple 10G networks.

Efficiency – Reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs while providing faster availability to the resources your company needs to innovate.

A Cloud Platform Backed by ViaWest’s Unbeatable
Customer Experience

  • 24x7x365 data center customer support from certified engineers
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting
  • Over 90% of companies who choose ViaWest are still ViaWest customers today
  • 95% customer satisfaction ranking
  • 87% first call resolution
  • Average call time resolution is 5 minutes
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